We make a variety of innovative products, mostly but not exclusively for dogs.  You can find the majority of them on our products page.
Did you know that you can support the SPCA just by doing your supermarket shopping?  ezebags are available for sale at Countdown supermarkets nationwide.

Every time you purchase a pouch or refill bags, $1.00 goes directly to this fantastic organization.  So look out for these products in the pet accessory aisle the next time you are shopping at Countdown
If you want the best, then it's time to get one of these:                        

Because, you can tie a plastic bag to your lead ... but if you:              

sometimes forget your litter bags

want to sanitize when picking up after your dog

find it unpleasant carrying full poop bags

get a sore hand from holding the lead


have a strong puller


have trouble controlling two or more dogs

would like an extra pocket


then ezeleash is there to help, welcome to the future of urban dog walking